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It’s all about finding the perfect combinations of strength and weight or fit and function. So we concept and build and test and ride and punish and sweat the details and detail the sweat. Optimizing your ride and your style. It’s the Answer.

Patented compromise

That may sound like an oxymoron until you understand the real advantage of ProTAPER® bars is its unduplicated combination of strength, stiffness and light weight. With a variable wall diameter that is thickest at the clamp area and tapers toward the ends of the bar, there’s nothing else like it.

Not much to it until you ride it

Can you make it lighter—with the same stiffness and strength? We can. The combination of layup schedule, weave and modulus is a constant experiment. When everything comes together—you get something that can exceed the performance of any other material. Many of our carbon fiber handlebars will exceed the strength and fatigue testing of their aluminum counterparts.

In-house and field testing

We test for everything at our multi-million-dollar test lab in Milwaukee, Wis. We do it all, from environmental testing like UV, temperature and salt spray, to fatigue, stress and failure analysis. In fact, before we even tool up for a prototype, we do virtual tests via finite element analysis when we’re still in the drawing phase. Of course, regardless of the amount of testing we do in the lab, it has to get the wink and nod of our pro riders in the field. Their feedback actually puts products on bikes.